November 14, 2022

Meet D.C. intern Ben Rietmann

We are pleased to introduce you to Ben Rietmann, Oregon State University. Ben is one of six ASAS Science Policy interns currently in Washington, D.C. Ben is interning with the USDA’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA).

Ben is working with Mr. Josh Stull, Congressional and Stakeholder Affairs Officer for NIFA. Ben will likely be working closely on NIFA’s stake in the Farm Bill and other timely issues that involve the Hill. He’ll be in D.C. through mid-August before returning to campus.

During the past several weeks, D.C. interns Rachael BuzanowskiTyler Madison RobertsAlyssa Condon and KathrynAnn Fields also have been featured in Taking Stock.

The ASAS Summer Science Policy Internship is supported by the Jack H. Britt Appreciation Club, the Louis J. Boyd Appreciation Club, the Barb Glenn Appreciation Club, the Harold D. Hafs Appreciation Club, and the Robert G. Zimbelman Appreciation Club.

Ben is pictured on the steps of USDA’s South Building headquarters in Washington, D.C.