November 14, 2022

Pierce Bennett: D.C. Summer Policy Intern

July 27, 2015 – Pierce Bennett, a sophomore studying animal science at Kansas State University, is one of the four students chosen to spend the summer in Washington, D.C. as a Science Policy Intern for ASAS. Currently, he interns in the Legislative Affairs department with the North American Meat Institute (NAMI). pierce headshot (2)

Bennett grew up on a four-generation family farm in western Ohio, raising sheep and managing native wild prairie grass through the CRP program. He also has experience in the pork, beef, and crop industries and currently works at the Kansas State University Sheep and Meat Goat Center.

“As a communications option in the animal science and industry department at KSU, I am attempting to tailor my education to the public relations and policy professions,” said Bennett.

His goals for the internship are to learn how policy makes it from discussion to written work. “I want to better understand all of the current issues we are facing in agriculture, and find out how folks who don’t have an agriculture background perceive those agricultural issues,” said Bennett.

On Capitol Hill, he is gaining valuable experience and working toward his goals. Bennett researches current issues in the meat industry, current legislation related to his topic, and attends hearings to take notes. He also organized the NAMI annual hot dog lunch.

He hopes that his knowledge of agriculture and his farming background have been beneficial in Washington, D.C. “There are times when I have been asked what it is really like to raise livestock or work on a farm,” Bennett stated. Bennett is continuing to represent everyday life for farmers and ranchers across the country at Capitol Hill.

After graduation from Kansas State, Bennett is considering continuing his education toward a Master’s degree. His dream job is working in the animal science sector as a policy or public relations employee.

“I really enjoy policy making and I like knowing that I can help connect farmers to those on the governmental level,” said Bennett.

Bennett tells all about his experiences in his blog titled “From Kansas to DC, and all things in between”. Check it out here!

Media contact:

Kim Schoonmaker

ASAS Scientific Communications Associate