June 01, 2023

US House request Farm Bill feedback

US House request Farm Bill feedback 

By: Sydney Sheffield 

The United States House of Representatives Committee on Agriculture is requesting input on the next version of the Farm Bill. The committee has published an online portal to collect feedback and opinions. Committee leaders believe this tool will allow members to better share the experiences and priorities of agriculture producers and consumers. Congress last approved a new farm bill in 2018. It will expire on September 30, 2023, putting increasing pressure on legislators to get a new bill passed.

Nutrition currently comprises nearly 80 % of the Farm Bill’s spending. This funding supports nutrition assistance for low-income households, commodities, that provides support for major crops such as soybeans, peanuts, corn, and wheat along with disaster assistance, trade, that supports U.S. agricultural export programs, credit, which offers direct government loans for farmers to buy and operate farms, and crop insurance. 

“The farm bill touches every district across America, from urban city centers to rural farming towns,” said Ranking Member David Scott (D-GA), in a committee press release. “To ensure the 2023 Farm Bill is as strong as it can possibly be, I encourage every Member of the U.S. House to convey the agriculture and nutrition priorities of their district using this innovative online portal.”

The online portal includes questions regarding location and occupation, as well as asking responders to specify the farm bill title they are most interested in as well as which programs they believe are performing well. It also asks for feedback regarding programs that could be improved upon and additional ideas that should be considered. There is space for respondents to include additional information if they feel it could be useful.

“In order to craft a comprehensive, effective Farm Bill, we must hear from stakeholders across the country,” said Chairman Glenn “GT” Thompson (R-PA). “Members understand the needs of their districts best and can provide crucial insight that supports our nation’s providers.”

In addition to the online portal, United States Representative Don Davis (D-NC) is hosting three regional Farm Bill listening sessions. Earlier this month, over 60 people attended the first session in Nashville, Tennessee. Most of the people who spoke under three-minute time restrictions did so on the topics of crop insurance, disaster assistance, credit, and trade.

The online portal closes on June 9, 2023. Submit feedback here