January 05, 2024

Deana Hancock's Animal Science "Family Tree" Story

            (Above: Dan Thomson (Sydney’s Ph.D. Advisor at Kansas State; he was a Dr. Preston Ph.D. student at
    Texas Tech.), Sydney Schnur (Deana's daughter; BS AnSc Purdue, Ph.D. Vet ImmunoPathobiology Kansas State),
       Deana Hancock (BS, MS AnSc University of Missouri-Columbia, Ph.D. AnSc Texas Tech).Deana Hancock, Ph.D.)

My story is not just a personal one but a story that spans three generations. ASAS has been a constant presence in my family's life, opening doors and providing opportunities since the time my father was in school. It has been a source of inspiration, learning, and growth for all of us.

Animal scientists are unique in the fact that we are all part of a professional family tree, where knowledge and expertise are passed down from one generation to the next. With each passing generation, my family’s roots in ASAS have grown deeper. It all began when my father-in-law, Gerald Hancock, embarked on his journey as an undergraduate student at MU, where he had the privilege of studying under the tutelage of Dr. Preston. Following in his footsteps, I pursued my Ph.D. at Texas Tech, where I had the privilege of studying under Dr. Preston as well. And now, the legacy continues with my daughter, Sydney Schnur, who recently graduated with a degree in animal science from Purdue and completed her Ph.D. in Veterinary ImmunoPathobiology at Kansas State under the guidance of a former student of Dr. Preston, Dan Thomson, Ph.D./DVM.

Through the ASAS Foundation, it is an honor to support the Dr. Preston Appreciation Club, paying tribute to the lasting impact he has made on our family and the entire animal science community. Additionally, I am a strong advocate for the Excellence in Animal Science Advancement Fund. By investing in this fund, we ensure that aspiring professionals in our field continue to learn from industry leaders and stay at the forefront of advancements in animal science.

Through ASAS, we have had the privilege of learning from world-renowned animal scientists who have shaped the field with their expertise. The knowledge and insights we have gained from these experts have not only helped us stay updated with emerging science and technologies but have also ignited a passion within us to contribute to the field in our own way.

Moreover, ASAS has given us a platform to build a strong network of colleagues and friends who share the same dedication and enthusiasm for animal science. These connections have become an integral part of our lives, providing support, collaboration, and valuable opportunities for professional growth.

ASAS has been more than just an organization to us. It has been a second family, a source of support, and a catalyst for our growth and success. I am grateful for the doors it has opened for my family and for the countless opportunities it continues to provide.

Deana Hancock, Ph.D. | Director, Global Applied Research and Technology | Novus International

To learn more about the Rodney L. Preston Appreciation Club and other ASAS Foundation initiatives, visit online here.