May 21, 2024

Teresa Davis, Ph.D. - Why I Give

“What a great day to join my many colleagues and friends to support animal scientists and our industry! For One Day for ASAS, I will have a double impact with my gifts to the Past Presidents Fund and the James Sartin Appreciation Club.  As an ASAS member for 20+ years, I’m proud to give back to my “home society” and support current and future animal scientists to network with other students, academia, government, and industry which can be so helpful in career development and support recognizing our international members and their extraordinary research while honoring Dr. Jim Sartin. Supporting the ASAS Foundation ensures we continue to present and learn fundamental, translational, and cutting-edge research at our ASAS Annual Meeting and Sectional Meetings, which strengthen and expand the skills and knowledge that will propel young scientists toward a more productive and rewarding career. The ASAS portfolio of outstanding journals, Journal of Animal Science, Translation Animal Science, and Animal Frontiers, provides great opportunities for scientists of varying experiences and backgrounds to discover the latest and the best in animal science research.  I invite you to join me in making a charitable contribution to the ASAS foundation and support the next generation of leaders in animal science.” 
Teresa Davis, Ph.D. | Professor of Pediatrics | Baylor College of Medicine