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Interpretive Summary: Effects of in ovo feeding of disaccharide and/or methionine on hatchability, growth performance, blood hematology, and serum antioxidant parameters in geese

By: De XinDang, HaizhuZhou, YujieLou, DeshengLi

In modern poultry husbandry, hatchery treatments and/or transportation make hatched neonates subject to encounter a fasting period after incubation. This is a big problem to limit the growth and survivability of birds. Due to the fact that birds have a relatively high metabolic rate during the initial stage after incubation, the existence of fasting period makes poultry encounter a series of challenges related to inadequate energy supply and oxidative stress. To avoid the negative effects induced by the above-mentioned problems, we injected the disaccharide, methionine, or blended disaccharide + methionine using an in ovo technology to obtain a strategy to solve the problems of inadequate energy supply and oxidative stress during the initial stage after incubation. The result of this study indicated that the in ovo injection of disaccharide + methionine was a suitable strategy to improve the development of geese during the early incubation stages.

This article can be found in the Journal of Animal Science.