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Interpretive Summary: Novel Synthetic oviductal fluid for Conventional Freezing 1 (SCF1) culture medium improves development and cryotolerance of in vitro produced Holstein embryos

By: Corie M. Owen, Melissa A. Johnson, Katherine A. Rhodes-Long, Diana J. Gumber, Moises Barceló-Fimbres, Joy L. Altermatt, and Lino Fernando Campos-Chillon

In vitro produced (IVP) bovine embryos suffer from several physiological abnormalities that interfere with their ability to withstand the freezing process, a vital step in shipping and distribution of IVP embryos. To overcome these challenges, we performed a series of experiments to determine the optimal culture medium to best support the developing embryo. This new in vitro embryo culture medium is referred to as Synthetic oviductal fluid for Conventional Freezing 1 (SCF1). The medium is supplemented with various factors to more closely mimic the uterine environment, improve mitochondrial function, and decrease lipid accumulation. The results show that IVP embryos cultured in SCF1, slow frozen using an optimized technique, and transferred into recipients have a pregnancy rate that is similar to non-frozen IVP embryos. These findings suggest that SCF1 improves developmental competence of bovine IVP embryos and their ability to withstand cryopreservation, which can improve pregnancy rates and efficiency of assisted fertility operations within the dairy cattle industry.

Read the full article in the Journal of Animal Science.