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Interpretive Summary: Heritability and genetic correlation estimates of semen production traits with litter traits and pork production traits in purebred Duroc pigs 

By: Shinichiro Ogawa, Makoto Kimata, Masamitsu Tomiyama, and Masahiro Satoh

Genetic parameters of 5 semen production traits, 10 litter traits, and 3 pork production traits in purebred Duroc pigs was estimated. Heritabilities of semen production traits ranged from 0.20 for sperm concentration to 0.29 for semen volume and were equal to or higher than those of litter traits, ranging from 0.06 for number stillborn and piglet survival rate at birth to 0.25 for mean litter weight at birth, but lower than those of pork production traits, ranging from 0.50 for average daily gain to 0.63 for backfat thickness. In many cases, the absolute values of genetic correlations between semen production traits and other traits were smaller than 0.3. These estimated genetic parameters provide useful information for establishing a comprehensive pig breeding scheme.

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