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Interpretive Summary: Supplementation of live yeast culture modulates intestinal health, immune responses, and microbiota diversity in broiler chickens

By: Eunjoo Kim, Hyunjin Kyoung, Nae Hyung Koh, Hanbae Lee, Seonmin Lee, Yonghee Kim, Kyeong Park, Jung Min Heo, and Minho Song

Live yeast culture (LYC) is composed of Saccharomyces cerevisiae and its metabolites such as mannan-oligosaccharides, peptides, nucleotides, vitamins and unknown growth factors. The supplementation of LYC is expected to exert health benefits in animals; however, the responses of broiler chickens to supplemental LYC is not fully explored. Thus, the present study evaluated the effects of LYC supplementation on growth performance, immune responses and intestinal health in broiler chickens. Based on the results from the present study, supplementation of LYC to a corn-based diet did not affect growth performance. Nonetheless, supplemental LYC improved intestinal morphology, upregulated tight junction-related protein genes and altered ileal microbiota diversity, suggesting its health benefits in improving gut health. In addition, supplemental LYC modulated serum immune responses and ileal cytokine genes expression, presenting its immunomodulatory potential.

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