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Interpretive Summary: Protective effect and possible mechanism of arctiin on broilers challenged by Salmonella pullorum

By: Fang Peng, Jinhui Yi, Jian Xiao, Junlie Chen, Haihan Zhang, Xi He and Zehe Song

Pullorosis caused by Salmonella pullorum (S. pullorum) is a severe contagious disease and could cause great economic loss to the poultry industry. Antibiotics are usually used to control pullorosis, while prolonged use of antibiotics has led to the emergence of multidrug-resistant bacterial strains. Therefore, it is necessary to find safer and more effective alternatives to substitute antibiotics. In this study, we established a model of S. pullorum infection in broilers and conducted in vitro antibacterial test to explore the preventive effect and mechanisms of dietary arctiin (ARC) supplementation on S. pullorum infection in broilers. The results showed that ARC could not only improve the immune function of infected broilers by regulating the immune system but also directly inhibit the invasion of S. pullorum to broilers by inhibiting the formation and adhesion rate of S. pullorum biofilm. Dietary supplementation of 200 mg/kg ARC might be a potential way to substitute antibiotics to control S. pullorum infection in broilers.

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