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Interpretive Summary: Lipid metabolism mRNA expression and cellularity of intramuscular adipocytes within the Longissimus muscle of Angus- and Wagyu-sired cattle fed for a similar days on feed or body weight endpoint

By: J R JaborekF L FluhartyKichoon LeeHenry N ZerbyA E Relling

This study investigates intramuscular (IM) adipocyte development in the Longissimus muscle (LM) between Wagyu- and Angus-sired steers compared at a similar age and days on feed (D) or similar body weight (B) endpoint by measuring IM adipocyte cell area and lipid metabolism mRNA expression. Angus-sired steers (AN) were compared with steers from two different Wagyu sires (WA), selected for either growth (G) or marbling (M), to be compared at a similar days on feed (DOF; WA-GD, and WA-MD) in Exp. 1 or body weight (BW; WA-GB, and WA-MB) in Exp. 2. The WA-MD and WA-MB steers had a greater percentage of IM fat in the LM compared with AN and WA-GD and WA-GB steers. Intramuscular adipocyte cellularity analysis indicated few differences due to adipocyte size; therefore, marbling differences were likely due to adipocyte number. The WA-MD and WA-MB steers typically experienced an earlier or a greater mRNA upregulation for adipogenic genes that regulate fatty acid transport and triglyceride synthesis compared with other steers. The pattern of mRNA expression was very similar between steers compared at either a similar age and DOF or BW. Indicating that the timing of energy intake above maintenance requirements may be more influential than age for the upregulation of lipid metabolism in cattle.

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