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Interpretive Summary: Genetic parameters for fleece uniformity in alpacas

By: Juan Pablo Gutiérrez, Alan Cruz, Renzo Morante, Alonso Burgos, Nora Formoso-Rafferty, Isabel Cervantes

The quality of alpaca fiber is mainly assessed by a low fiber diameter. However, the fiber diameter can greatly vary along the different body locations of the animal, the industry demands not only the fineness of the fiber but also the fleece uniformity. This work studied the genetic parameters related to fleece uniformity by analyzing the diameter of three samples from different body locations (mid side, shoulder, and thigh) under two different models of analysis. The results showed variability between sampling locations and the existence of important genetic variability susceptible to being used in alpaca selection. Nevertheless, selection based on a single measurement could be used as the high correlations between locations and between the trait and its variability, saving the cost of sample analyses, being the fleece uniformity indirectly selected.

Read the full article in the Journal of Animal Science.