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Invited review: integration of technologies and systems for precision animal agriculture—a case study on precision dairy farming

By: Upinder KaurVictor M R MalaccoHuiwen BaiTanner P PriceArunashish DattaLei XinShreyas SenRobert A NawrockiGeorge ChiuShreyas SundaramByung-Cheol MinKristy M DanielsRobin R WhiteShawn S DonkinLuiz F BritoRichard M Voyles

Precision technologies are revolutionizing animal agriculture by enhancing the management of animal welfare and productivity. To fully realize the potential benefits of precision livestock farming (PLF), the development and application of digital technologies are needed to facilitate the responsible and sustainable intensification of livestock production over the next several decades. Importantly, the digitalization of agriculture is expected to provide collateral benefits of ensuring audibility in value chains while assuaging concerns associated with labor shortages. In this paper, we analyze the multilayered network of sensors, actuators, communication, and analytics currently in use in PLF. We analyze the various aspects of sensing, communication, networking, and intelligence on the farm leveraging dairy farms as an example system. We also discuss the potential implications of advancements in communication, robotics, and artificial intelligence on the security and welfare of animals.

Read the full article in the Journal of Animal Science.