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Dietary supplementation of Ocimum gratissimum improves growth performance and immune response in broilers under high ambient temperature

By: Pin- Hung Lin, Zheng- Wen Chen, Jer- Yuh Liu, Je-Chiuan Ye

Ocimum gratissimum (OG) was found to have immunity boosting effect on Taiwan country chickens and broiler chickens raised in moderate ambient temperature in previous studies, and the current study investigates its potential on broilers raised in high ambient temperature. Data collected during the experiment indicated desirable changes in the physiology of the chickens, including overall increase in production efficiency factor, a significant weight gain in the 5 g/kg OG supplementation group, noticeable weight gain in several areas of the carcass especially the breast, an overall decrease in abdominal fat, dimensional changes in several areas of the digestive system, elevated immuno-response for all OG groups. In conclusion, OG has exhibited the ability to alleviate symptoms of mild heat-stress, leading to improvement of the digestive organ development and increase of carcass mass and mean weight gain for birds, and we find OG to be a potentially beneficial feed supplement for poultry raising in high ambient temperature conditions.

Read the full article in the Journal of Animal Science.