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Interpretive Summary: Short-term changes in dietary fat levels and starch sources affect weight management, glucose and lipid metabolism, and gut microbiota in adult cats

By: Ruixia Mo, Mingrui ZhangHaotian Wang, Tianyi LiuGang Zhang, Yi Wu

Obesity is a common problem in domestic cats. Fat in dry-extruded pet food may be a risk factor for feline obesity. Additionally, the utilization of various carbohydrates in domestic cats has garnered attention. This study explored the impact of varying fat levels and starch sources on body weight, glucose metabolism, and gut microbiota composition in healthy adult cats. Our findings suggest that the LF diets are beneficial for weight management, inflammation reduction, and blood sugar regulation in cats. Moreover, adding pea starch can positively affect the gut microbiota by increasing beneficial bacteria.

Read the full article in the Journal of Animal Science.