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Interpretive Summary: Dietary lysolecithin supplementation improves growth performance of weaned piglets via improving nutrients absorption, lipid metabolism, and redox status

By: Yang Liu,  Aimin Wu, Ruixia Mo, Qiang Zhou, Lianghui Song, Zheng Li, Hua Zhao, Zhengfeng Fang, Yan Lin, Shengyu Xu, Bin Feng, Yong Zhou, De Wu, Lianqiang Che

Early weaning has been widely adopted to maximize productivity for swine production. However, the weaned piglets suffer from insufficient energy intake due to the reduced feed intake caused by weaning stress, which compromises the growth rate of piglets. In the present study, dietary lysolecithin supplementation increased average daily gain and average daily feed intake in overall experimental period, thereby showed positive effect on final body weight of weaned piglets. In addition, lysolecithin supplementation improved adipogenesis and anti-oxidant capacity, but suppressed lipolysis and pro-oxidant factors.

Read the full article in the Journal of Animal Science.