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Interpretive Summary: Dietary supplementation with garcinol during late gestation alleviates disorders of bile acid metabolism and improves the performance of sows and newborn piglets

By: Tongxin Wang, Lu Huang, Changhong Xia, Yan Zhou, Weilei Yao, Liwen Zhang, Feiruo Huang

The elevated maternal serum bile acid (BA) levels in late gestation leads to accumulation of BA in fetal tissues, and thus increases the risk of fetal mortality and metabolic disease of offspring. It has confirmed that BA disordered and oxidative damage are intimately related. Thus, studies about alleviating oxidative stress and facilitating BA metabolism in pregnant sows can be relevant. As an excellent antioxidative plant extract, garcinol has been widely used in dietary supplementation of rodents; however, the effect of dietary supplementation with garcinol on the bile acids disorders of sows in late gestation has rarely been reported. The present study provides the first evidence that dietary supplementation with garcinol during late gestation improved maternal BA metabolism of sows with disorder of BA metabolism, as well as the health and antioxidative status, colostrum protein content, showing promise in natural plant extract nutrition for sows with disorder of bile acid metabolism.

Read the full article in the Journal of Animal Science.