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Dietary trace mineral pattern influences gut microbiota and intestinal health of broilers

By: Chuanlong Wang, Liangzhi Wang, Qingyi Chen, Xiaofeng Guo, Liyang Zhang, Xiudong Liao, Yanling Huang, Lin Lu, Xugang Luo

Information is still scarce regarding the effect of dietary trace mineral patterns on the intestinal health of broilers. The results indicated that dietary trace mineral pattern influenced intestinal health of broilers, and the appropriate pattern of trace minerals in the diet for intestinal health of broilers would be Cu 12 mg, Fe 229 mg, Mn 81 mg, Zn 78 mg, and Se 0.24 mg/kg (1 to 21 d of age), and Cu 11 mg, Fe 193 mg, Mn 80 mg, Zn 73 mg, and Se 0.22 mg/kg (22 to 42 d of age), when the trace minerals as inorganic sources were added to diets according to the recommendations of the current National Research Council. Our results provided scientific experimental bases for improving intestinal health of broilers by nutritional strategy.

Read the full article in the Journal of Animal Science.