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Interpretive Summary: High-grain diet feeding alters ileal microbiota and disrupts bile acid metabolism in lactating dairy cows

By: Zheng Lai, Xiaoxiu ZhanLimei Lin, Jiyou ZhangWeibiao Qi, Huisheng YangShengyong Mao, Wei Jin

Bile acids plays an important role in regulating lipids metabolism in animals and human. Dairy cows fed high-grain (HG) diet generally suffer abnormal lipids metabolism. However, if there is a relationship between the bile acids metabolism and abnormal lipids metabolism in dairy cows fed HG diet is unclear. This study found that HG diet altered the bacterial community and bile aids composition in the ileum of dairy cows. HG also activated the FXR/FGF19 signaling pathway in the ileum, and inhibited the bile acid synthesis in the liver, which might be the reason for the reduced level of bile acid in the digesta of small intestine. The reduced bile acid level in the small intestine might affect the digestion and absorption of the dietary lipids in dairy cows fed HG diet.

Read the full article in the Journal of Animal Science.