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Interpretive Summary: Development of genetically improved tropical-adapted dairy cattle

By: Paula V Marchioretto, R A Chanaka Rabel, Crystal A Allen, Moses M B Ole-Neselle, Matthew B Wheeler

According to recent estimates, about 80% of cattle reside in tropical or subtropical regions (Cooke et al., 2020a). The number of farmers and consumers, as well as overall production (e.g., annual milk production), is also greater in the tropics. However, cattle productivity in these regions is underwhelming compared with most temperate zones characterized by high-input farming practices and yields correlated with the fitness of the breeds to their system. Furthermore, it results from the adverse conditions derived from the underprivileged economic, social, and climatic conditions of the region (Oosting et al., 2014). Therefore, although livestock activity is broadly represented in the tropics, many challenges must be overcome to achieve sustainable production systems that meet this crucial demand, mostly among low-income smallholders.

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