January 29, 2023

ASAS Foundation - Celebrating 25 Years - January 30th

American Society of Animal Science – Special Edition

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"ASAS becomes part of the fabric of our professional lives. For many of us, it began with involvement as students and continued into our professional careers. Giving to the ASAS Foundation, and specifically to the Appreciation Clubs, is one way to give back, honor those who have made an impact, and provide resources for even better programming going forward." - Greg Lardy, Ph.D. | Vice President for Agricultural Affairs | North Dakota State University

Where we have been

Since its inception in 1908, the American Society of Animal Science (ASAS) has evolved into a multi-faceted organization that ensures credible and quality research is disseminated internally and externally, provides program accreditation, career resources, networking opportunities, and much more.

25 years ago, to enhance ASAS, the ASAS Foundation was established as the philanthropic branch of ASAS. As ASAS evolves, the ASAS Foundation is adapting to current and future needs to provide enhanced and increased benefits for ASAS members. Consequently, we continue to expand opportunities for our members to support their “home society.” Specifically, the new 1908 Society allows members to establish a personal legacy gift that will benefit ASAS members for generations to come.

With your support as a 1908 Society partner, together, we hope:

  • To ensure every graduate student and young animal scientist that wants to attend an ASAS-supported meeting can attend.
  • To increase the number of members we recognize, honor, and celebrate with prestigious awards.
  • To expand and enhance excellence in programming at sectional, annual, and international meetings with distinguished lectureships and renowned symposia.
  • To sustain a pipeline of future animal scientists as we encourage our youth to explore animal science education through access to Jr. Animal Scientist, student competitions, and internships.
  • To be a diverse community of professionals recognized as the leading source of new knowledge and perspective on animals that enhance human life and well-being.
  • To change the lives of current and future animal scientists.

Join us as a Founding Donor to the 1908 Society and be part of making this hope a reality!



Your Vision. Our Thanks.

The ASAS Foundation is proud to announce the inaugural founding partners of the prestigious 1908 Society – W. Dwight, Jeffery, and Todd Armstrong and their families with the establishment of the Armstrong Leadership Award.

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"I speak from my own experience but am confident many of you can relate; American Society of Animal Science has played a critical role in my life. Since joining as a graduate student, what began as a means to present papers, network with colleagues, and have career opportunities has become my core group of lifelong friends. As I sit here in retirement and reflect on this, I proudly say ASAS is my 'home society.' Please joing me, and let's work together to ensure that the generations after us have these same experiences and opportunities, share similar stories, and carry on with the pride we all have when we think of all that being an ASAS member means to us." – Dwight Armstrong

Dwight Armstrong's career path includes serving on the faculty at NCSU in the Animal Sciences Department. Followed by leading Akey, Inc. in Lewisburg, OH, which later was sold to Provimi. In 2008, Dwight retired as Global Group Vice President at Provimi and started his own consulting business in the animal nutrition and agribusiness areas. He also served as COO/CEO of National FFA. Dwight Armstrong and his wife, Judy, currently reside in Nashville, TN. They have two sons and four grandchildren.

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Jeffrey Armstrong's career path includes serving on the faculty at NCSU in the Animal Sciences Department. Followed by serving as head of the Department of Animal Sciences at Purdue and then as dean of the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources at Michigan State University (MSU). Since 2011, Jeff has been serving as President of Cal Poly. Jeffery Armstrong and his wife, Sharon, currently reside in San Luis Obispo, CA. They have two children and two grandchildren.

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Todd Armstrong's career has been focused on the global animal health and nutrition industries, where he has worked in and across the swine, poultry, beef, dairy, and companion animal sectors. He has had the opportunity to occupy global senior leadership roles across R&D, regulatory, government affairs, and commercial functions at Elanco, DSM, and Phibro. Currently, he is the Vice President or the US Ruminant Business at Phibro Animal Health Corporation, where he is responsible for the strategic direction and functional performance for the US dairy and beef businesses. Todd and his wife, Angie, currently reside in Cary, NC. They have four children.

Dwight, Jeffery, and Todd Armstrong have served on various industry, business, and non-for-profit boards. In addition, each has received numerous prestigious awards and distinguished recognitions.

Dwight, Jeffery, and Todd have proudly established the Armstrong Leadership Award with the American Society of Animal Science Foundation, the philanthropic branch of ASAS. This is their way of "paying it forward" for the benefits they have received as ASAS members, their professional "home" society. This award will recognize and celebrate young leaders who carry on the Armstrongs' passion for and commitment to ASAS while supporting current and future animal scientists.

To learn more about this remarkable family and their commitment to serving others, visit here. To learn more about their vision and the Armstrong Leadership Award guidelines, visit here. To learn more about the 1908 Society, download the ASAS 1908 Society Case Statement.



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The ASAS Foundation is made possible through the generosity of our members, corporate partners, and friends of ASAS. We thank our supporters by recognizing you as a Giving Partner! For information about the ASAS Foundation Giving Partner levels, visit online here. 

Every gift, of any amount, offers a direct and meaningful impact for our ASAS members. While giving back to your “home society,” you are also paying it forward to current and future animal scientists.

Join us as we work together to ensure that the generations after us have the same experiences, share similar stories, and carry on with the smile you hold when you think of all that being an ASAS member has done for you.

To learn more about how charitable contributions have a meaningful impact on our members and to support the ASAS Foundation, visit here. Contributions are accepted online, or you may mail a check payable to American Society of Animal Science to ASAS Foundation, PO Box 7410, Champaign, IL 61826-7410. For information on more ways to give, such as with gifts of securities or an IRA’s QCD, please visit here

Giving Partners will be recognized at events, and names will be listed on the ASAS website and printed in recognition materials. All requests for anonymity will be respected



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  Show your ASAS pride by purchasing ASAS Foundation special edition 25th Anniversary apparel and coffee mugs! Check out the many options and purchase online here: ASAS Foundation Online Store.

The online store is only open for a limited time, January 9th - January 31st. All proceeds will benefit the ASAS Foundation's Legacy Fund.


Do you want:

  • Bragging rights to being the BEST SCHOOL to support graduate students and young animal scientists?
  • To own the “University/College Take Over Day” at ASAS' 2023 Annual Meeting?
  • To have your school color be the official 2023 ASAS Annual meeting color?
  • To receive an ASAS logo-polo shirt for each of your school’s animal science faculty and graduate students (up to 100 polo shirts)?

If you answered YES to any of those questions, you want to get your school into and WIN the Foundation Folly! 

As part of ASAS Foundation's 25th Anniversary celebration and in the spirit of that well-known March basketball competition, we will challenge each other to a friendly fundraising competition between our colleges and universities to benefit the ASAS Foundation’s “Students and Young Animal Scientists Opportunities Fund.” 

Details will be announced through social media outlets and on our ASAS website on Monday, February 6th!


As a thank you for your generosity, you will receive one of these Collector Magnets each year that you make a difference in our members’ lives with a charitable contribution.

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These magnets exemplify your generosity and commitment to changing the lives of current and future animal scientists with your support of the ASAS Foundation.



Each Monday this month, the ASAS Foundation will highlight an area of impact. Check out Taking Stock - Special Edition past and upcoming schedule:

January 2: New Year ~ New Opportunities
January 9:   Campaign launch ~ “Celebrating 25 Years of Excellence – Fostering Innovators for the Future.” Highlights the history of the ASAS Foundation, 25 Years of Impact – By The Numbers, a video message from Bill Weldon and Amy Brainard, and more!
January 16: Past and Present ~ Highlights how the ASAS Foundation supports our members. Focus on Appreciation Clubs, Fellows Club, and the Past Presidents Fund, and includes a personal video message from Dr. Dwight Armstrong.
January 23: Looking Ahead ~ Highlights new initiatives. Focus on what is on the horizon, a personal video message from Steve Pollmann, and a message from Dr. Bob Wettemann.
January 30: 1908 Society ~ Highlights legacy giving and opportunities to “pay it forward,” supporting current and future animal scientists, and introduces College/University Take Over Day.