Award Winner Detail

Award: Early Career Achievement Award
Univeristy: University of Guelph
Year: 2020
Section Awarded: National

Angela Canovas, Early Career Achievement Award

Sponsored by: ASAS Foundation

Angela Canovas  copy

Dr. Angela Canovas is an Associate Professor of Beef Cattle and Small Ruminant Genomics at University of Guelph (UofG). After 3 years as an Assistant Professor she obtained the Tenure and promoted to Associate Professor. She is Associate-Editor of 3 journals, member of 2 industry boards and leads several international scientific-committees. She has authored over 75 peer-reviewed publications, 200 conferences proceedings and 40 invited-talks at international conferences and industry meetings. Her research focusses on the field of Systems Biology combining –OMICS technologies with statistical genomics towards the functional validation of mutations associated with economically important traits in livestock. She leads several research projects with budgets exceeding $7 million overseeing a team of over 15 graduate students and researchers. Dr. Canovas was awarded the prestigious CSAS Young Research Scientist Award in Baltimore, USA (2017) and recently the UofG Research Excellence Award, Canada (2019).

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