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ASAS Webinar: National Animal Nutrition Program: Science Based – Data Driven – Future Focused with Dr. Phil Miller.

ASAS Webinar: Nutritional Biochemistry of Bioactive Fatty Acids in the Neonatal Pig with Dr. Jack Odle, North Carolina State University

ASAS Webinar: Use of dietary carbohydrates to improve gut health in pigs with Dr. Ruurd Zijlstra, University of Alberta

ASAS Webinar: The Role of Maternal Nutrition in Developmental Programming Using a Sheep Model with 2022 Randel Lectureship Presenter, Dr. Kristen Govoni, University of Connecticut

ASAS Webinar: Genetic improvement of disease resilience in pigs with Dr. Jack Dekkers, Iowa State University

ASAS Webinar: Practical Applications for Developmental Programming of the Bovine Ovary with 2022 Randel Lectureship Presenter, Dr. Robert Cushman, USDA, ARS, USMARC

ASAS Webinar: Scientific Publishing 101 - How to be successful in an ever-changing landscape, Dr. Elisabeth Huff-Lonergan, Iowa State University and incoming Journal of Animal Science Editor-in-Chief

Animal Science Council of Accreditation Q&A Webinar

ASAS Webinar: Nitrate toxicity and management considerations for forage and livestock production - Dr. Janna Block

ASAS Webinar: How is marbling different from other fat deposits? - Dr. Stephen B. Smith, Texas A&M University Department of Animal Science

ASAS Webinar: Sow Longevity: It's Importance to Commercial Sow Herds - Dr. Kenneth Stalder, Iowa State University

ASAS Webinar: Advances in reproductive technologies and future reproductive technologies to enhance beef cattle production efficiency - Dr. G. Cliff Lamb, Texas A&M University

ASAS Webinar: Porcine Somatropin (pST): What did we learn and what happened to it as a product? - Dr. Michael Azain, University of Georgia

ASAS Webinar: How new technology has changed swine nutrition over the last 30 years - Dr. Robert Goodband, Kansas State University

ASAS Webinar: Lions in the path of livestock genetic improvement - Dr. James Reecy, Iowa State University

ASAS Webinar: A student's perspective on interviewing in today's world - Panel discussion

Panelists: Siena Mowrer, New Mexico State University; Sara Gurulé, New Mexico State University; Chali Simpson, New Mexico State University;  Sade Ford, North Carolina Agriculture and Technical State University; Ajenee Wineglass, North Carolina Agriculture and Technical State University;  Lisa Kirsten Senn, Purdue University;  Brandon Alley, Purdue University; Denise Guevara Riiz, Texas Tech University

Hosts: Emily Melchior, New Mexico State University; Jerica Hall, Texas Tech University


ASAS Webinar: Interviewing in Today's World Panel Discussion

Panelists:Dr. Marnie Mellencamp, Zoetis, Inc; Dr. Mike (Mose) Moseley, Positively Mose, LLC; Mr. John Zbikowski, Zinpro Corporation; Dr. Kimberly Vonnahme, Zoetis, Inc; Dr. Pedro Fontes, University of Georgia; Mr. Justin Chesnut, Elanco


ASAS Webinar: How to navigate the National Science Foundation (NSF) grant process

Panelists:Dr. Steven Ellis, National Science Foundation; Dr. Theodore Morgan, National Science Foundation


ASAS Webinar: Precision Management of Animals: Image Precessing and Computer Vision Applications - Dr. Isabella Condotta, University of Illinois


ASAS Webinar: Helping new investigators navigate the USDA NIFA grant process: a panel discussion

Panelists:Dr. Mark Mirando, USDA NIFA; Dr. Deb Hamernik, USDA NIFA; Dr. Vitor R.G. Mercadante, Virginia Tech; Dr. Jennifer Van Os, University of Wisconsin-Madison and Dr. Joshua Selsby, Iowa State University


ASAS Webinar: Increasing the genetic potential of commercial beef production: a historical and future look at genetic programs at the US Meat Animal Research Center , Dr. Larry Kuehn


ASAS Webinar: Early Career Transition Panel Discussion

Panelists: Dr. Andrew Foote, Oklahoma State University; Dr. Connie Larson, Zinpro Corporation; Dr. Kimberly Vonnahme, Zoetis, Inc. and Dr. Darrh Bullock, University of Kentucky


ASAS Follow-up Webinar: Challenges and Opportunities of Moving Your Courses Online, What We've Learned - Panel Discussion

Panelists: Dr. Jodi Sterle, Iowa State University; Dr. Debra Aaron, University of Kentucky; Dr. Scott Radcliffe, Purdue University and Dr. Cassandra Jones, Kansas State University


ASAS Webinar: Beef Production from the Dairy Herd, Dr. Daniel Schaefer

ASAS Webinar: Nutritional Regulation of Muscle Growth, Dr. Teresa Davis


ASAS Webinar: Surviving the review process: An editor's perspective, Dr. James Sartin


ASAS Webinar: Elements of an effective oral scientific presentation, Dr. N. Andy Cole


ASAS Webinar: Sustainable food animal production: Providing a good life for farm animals, Dr. Marina (Nina) von Keyserlingk


ASAS Webinar: Cell-based meat: the need to assess holistically, Drs. Cameron Faustman, Deborah Hamernik, Michael Looper, Steven Zinn


ASAS Webinar: Elements of an effective scientific poster presentation, Dr. Cassie Jones


 ASAS Webinar:The impacts of COVID-19 on cattle and beef markets and what comes next, Dr. Darrell Peel


ASAS Webinar: Ensuring the USA has a leading role in providing animal protein for the world's food future, Dr. Jack Britt


ASAS Webinar: Genetic control of thermotolerance in cattle at the whole-animal and cellular level  - Dr. Peter Hansen, University Florida


ASAS Webinar: Challenges and Opportunities of Courses Moving Online - a Student's Perspective

Panelists Joslyn Beard, University of Nebraska; Russell Carrell, Auburn University; Emily Melchior, New Mexico State University; Pedro Carvalho, Penn State University and Brooke Clemmons, University of Tennessee


ASAS Webinar: Challenges and Opportunities of Moving Your Courses Online - Panel Discussion

Panelists: Dr. Jodi Sterle, Iowa State University; Dr. Debra Aaron, University of Kentucky; Dr. Scott Radcliffe, Purdue University and Dr. Cassandra Jones, Kansas State University


ASAS Webinar: Reproductive Behavior - the basis of reproductive success - Dr. Brenda Alexander, University of Wyoming


ASAS Webinar: A decade of continuous improvement - how far has U.S. dairy production come since 2007? - Dr. Jude Capper, Livestock Sustainability Consultant

ASAS Webinar Series_Jude Capper from ASAS on Vimeo.



Recording of Western Section ASAS teaching webinar on May 11, 2017 

WSASAS Teaching Webinar: The value of internships for undergraduate students from ASAS on Vimeo.

Presenter: Loren Baranko, Lecturer and Internship Coordinator in the Department of Animal Sciences at North Dakota State University.


Beef RoundTable

BRT_Sept_2017: National Beef Quality Audit from Scott Radcliffe on Vimeo.

To view Other webinars in this series visit the Beef RoundTable channel on Vimeo.

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