Thank You ASAS Foundation Partners 2024


Foundation Partners

The ASAS Foundation expresses heartfelt appreciation for the generosity of our ASAS members and corporate partners, making what the ASAS Foundation does possible! We are thankful for every gift we receive.

Your generosity makes possible:

  • Agriculture intern supported in D.C.
  • Graduate students recognized with prestigious awards and Early Career Achievement Awards
  • Distinguished Lectures and Symposia
  • Students and young animal scientists travel scholarships to sectional, Annual, international and WCGALP meetings
  • Professional ASAS members recognized with prestigious awards
  • Support for Opening Session, student competitions and more!

This means that while you are giving back to your "home society," you are also paying it
forward to current and future animal scientists. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!


"My membership in ASAS was instrumental in developing my professional career in swine nutrition. I support the ASAS Foundation to ensure the next generation of animal scientists have these opportunities as well, and so the current animal science community has a venue for the exchange of scientific knowledge and ideas."


Ellen Davis, PhD
Swine Technical Service Manager
Arm & Hammer Animal and Food Production

"ASAS has been my professional home society since 1976. Over time, the benefits of interacting with other members of the ASAS have been innumerable. My contributions to the ASAS Foundation allow me to pay-forward some of the contributions ASAS members have made to my career"

MacNeil_headshot_from_ABCZ copy

Michael MacNeil, PhD
Delta G


ASAS Foundation Giving Partners

The American Society of Animal Science Foundation, the philanthropic branch of ASAS, is made possible through the generosity of our members, corporate partners, and friends of ASAS. We thank you, our donors, by recognizing you as a Partner with us!

ASAS Partner, Individual: <$1,000 and Corporate: <$2,500

Pacesetter Partner, Individual: $1,000-$2,499 and Corporate: $2,500-$4,999

Trailblazer Partner, Individual: $2,500-$4,999 and Corporate: $5,000-$9,999

Visionary Partner, Individual: $5,000+ and Corporate: $10,000+

1908 Society PartnerYour Vision. Our Thanks. The 1908 Society recognizes our most generous supporters who have established
their own legacy with an ASAS Foundation fund. Become a 1908 Society partner by establishing your own Named Endowed Fund or by adding your name to an Advancement Fund or another ASAS Foundation fund of your choice. Both options are visionary and generous acts that help preserve the ASAS mission well into the future while creating your own legacy. To learn more, download the ASAS 1908 Society Case Statement

All partners will be recognized at events; their names will be listed on our website and printed in recognition materials. All requests for anonymity will be respected. 

Every gift, of any amount, has made a difference! On behalf of the ASAS members who will benefit from your generosity – THANK YOU!

2024 Giving Partners:

Foundation Partners:
Taiwo Adewoye
Dwight Armstrong
John Arthington
Amy Brainard
Richard Coffey
Katie Cook
Glenn Duff
Sharon Freeman
Barb Glenn
Bob Goodband
Deana Hancock
Gerald Horn
Christian Landskroene
Mike Looper
Mark and Gerry McCully
Kirsten Midkiff
Emily Otto-Tice

Foundation Partners:
Sarah Reed
Jim Sartin
Guillermo Scaglia
Ian and Lorin Stewart
Nancy Verhelle
Terry Ward
Anna Wolc
Jennifer Young

Pacesetter Partners:
Dave and Carol Anderson
Peter Hansen
Gretchen Meyers-Hill
Michigan State University - Animal Science

Trailblazer Partners:
Ellen Davis

Visionary Partners:

1908 Society Partners:
Steve and Patty Armbruster
Legacy Fund

Jeffrey and Sharon Armstrong,
Todd  and Angie Armstrong, and
W. Dwight and Judy Armstrong
Armstrong Leadership Award

Robert and Arlene Zimbelman
Robert Zimbelman Appreciation Club and
Fellows Club

2023 Giving Partners:

ASAS Partners:
Taiwo Adewoye
Lucas Alves
Jeffrey and Sharon Armstrong
Todd and Angie Armstrong
Justin Bartlett
Paul Beck
Larissa Becker
Robert Bellows
Kerri Bochantin
Amy Brainard
Christy Bratcher
Neil Brown
Michael Bruss
Leonard Bull
Bonnie Burr
James Carpenter
Joe Cassady
Joel Caton
Jose Charal
Debbie Cherney
Robert Collier
Larry Cundiff
Andrea Cupp
Jay Daniel
Teresa A. Davis
Joel DeRouchey
Marcio Antonio Dornelles Goncalves
Min Du
Alan Ealy
Maura Eddy
Michael Edmonds
Joan Eisemann
Peixin Fan
Charlotte Farin
Richard Faris
Russell Fent

ASAS Partners:
Andrew Foote
Kenneth Foster
Sharon Freeman
Hyatt Frobose
Jennifer Gifford
Cassandra Gluck
Marcio Goncalves
Leluo Guan
Stacey Gunter
Sara Gurule
Santos Guzmán
Frank Gwazdauskas
Lauren Hanna
Gary Hartnell
Ben Holland
David Holzgraefe
Gerald Horn
Karun Kaniyamattam
Kelly Keaschall
Beth Kegley
Dennis Lamm
James Lauderdale
Shengfa Liao
Dennis Liptrap
Jamie and Michael Looney
Dennis Marple
John McNamara
Emily Melchior
Hector Menendez
Allison Meyer
Kirsten Midkiff
Mark Mirando
Jeannette Moore
Holly Neibergs
Sawyer Nickell
Payne Nikita

ASAS Partners:
Emily Otto-Tice
Michael Parsley
Francisco Peñagaricano
Heather Pechtl
Daniel Poole
Matthew Poore
Scott Radcliffe and 
Meghan Wulster-Radcliffe
James Reecy
Sarah Reed
Rebecca Rose
Amy Safran
Nicole Burdick Sanchez
Guillermo Scaglia 
Christopher Schauer
Allan Schinckel
Aubrey Schroeder
CiCi Sowers
Chad Stahl
Kelly Swanson
Scott Tilton
Mike Tokach
Abhinav Upadhyay
Kim Vonnahme
Terry Ward
Alan Warner
Steve Washburn
Edward Webb
Dale Weber
Thomas Welsh
Aimee Wertz-Lutz
Niki Whitley
Bryon Wiegand
Cody Wright
Zhaohui Yang
Jennifer Young
Chaoyu Zhai
Steve Zinn


Pacesetter Partners:
Dave and Carol Anderson
Steve and Patty Armbruster
Dwight and Judy Armstrong
Garth Boyd
Beef Improvement Federation
N. Andy Cole
Glenn Duff
Dale Hill
Ben Holland
Mike Looper
Mike MacNeil
Don Orr
Todd See
Mike and Charlotte Tokach
Bill and Paula Weldon

Trailblazer Partners:
Gary Bennett
United Soybean Board
George Fahey
Mike and Charlotte Galyean
Deana Hancock
Gretchen Myers Hill
James Sartin
Bob and Grace Wettemann

Visionary Partners:
Ellen Davis
Bob and Grace Wettemann

1908 Society Partners:
Jeffrey and Sharon Armstrong,
Todd  and Angie Armstrong, and
W. Dwight and Judy Armstrong
Armstrong Leadership Award

Robert and Arlene Zimbelman
Robert Zimbelman Appreciation Club and
Fellows Club


1908 Society Partners

Steve and Patty Armbruster, Our Story
Legacy Fund

Dwight Armstrong, Jeffrey Armstrong & Todd Armstrong, Our Story
Armstrong Leadership Award Guidelines
Robert and Arlene Zimbelman
Robert Zimbelman Appreciation Club and
Fellows Club


As a thank you for your generosity, you will receive one of these Collector Magnets each year that you make a difference in our members’ lives with a charitable contribution.


Somatotropin magnetLysine magnet             Myostatin Magnet

These magnets exemplify your generosity and commitment to changing the lives of current and future

animal scientists with your support of the ASAS Foundation.



"As an aspiring politician and lifetime animal agriculture advocate, being chosen to serve as the ASAS Foundation Animal Agriculture Policy Intern in Washington D.C. means the world to me. This opportunity will not only allow me to learn more about the legislative process but also further my understanding of how efforts made in the West in favor of animal agriculture are met on Capitol Hill. I am eager to expand my knowledge while growing as a leader and agriculturalist!"

Calihan Waller

Calihan Waller |
Agriculture Business and Political Science |
Montana State University |
Anticipated Graduation May 2025

“I would like to thank the generous supporters of ASAS Foundation’s Wilson G. Pond Appreciation Club for providing me with a unique opportunity to attend the 19th International Congress on Animal Reproduction (ICAR) during my doctoral program. ICAR gathers scientists from all around the globe in the field of reproductive physiology, and it is only held every four years; therefore, it was a great opportunity to network and present my research.” 

Felipe Alves Correa Carvalho da Silva

Felipe Alves Corrêa Carvalho da Silva
Graduate Research Assistant
Department of Animal Sciences
University of Florida

"ASAS has been a foundational aspect of my career and personal life for more than four decades.  Starting from my first annual meeting in 1975 to editorial service for JAS over the years, membership on the Board of Directors, leadership positions in the Society, and lasting friendships formed through the years, ASAS has been a constant and positive part of my life.  Giving back to ASAS through the support of the Foundation has been a small way that Charlotte and I can express our gratitude for what ASAS has meant to us."

Mike Galyean

Mike Galyean,
Professor and Provost
Texas Tech University
Department of Animal and Food Sciences

"It is with great honor and humility that I accepted the 2022 ASAS President’s Award for International Achievements in Animal Science in Oklahoma City this last June. After 36 years as a research scientist with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, this Award is most important because it provides confirmation that the work I have done over the years was useful, meaningful, and appreciated by the scientific community. This is really a unique and most welcome token of appreciation and I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank all the people who generously supported the ASAS Foundation’s James Sartin Appreciation Club for making this Award possible. Please continue to do so in order for others to continue benefiting from it."

Chantal Farmer

Chantal Farmer, Ph.D.
Research Scientist, Swine Lactation Biology
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada / Government of Canada

"Receiving the H. Allen Tucker Lactation and Endocrinology Award in 2021 was the culmination of my students’ work on lactation genomics that began in 2006. Their enthusiasm for generating and interpreting genome data in a physiological context has been instrumental in moving the field forward. This award is a testament to their perseverance and passion for learning."

Juan Loor

Juan Loor,
Professor, Animal Science
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

"The H. Allen Tucker Graduate Student Travel Scholarship in 2021 was one of the most honorable and prestigious awards that I was able to accomplish at the ASAS 2021 conference. This award meant a lot to me, especially because it was named after Dr. Tucker who was one of the most distinguished professors in Physiology. This travel scholarship allowed me to participate in ASAS 2021 and present my research in person to not only the other graduate students and the faculties but also to people in the animal industry."

Parniyan Goodarzi

Parniyan Goodarzi,
Graduate Research Assistant, Animal and Food Sciences
Oklahoma State University


Dr. Barb Glenn served as President of the American Society of Animal Science (1996-1997) and she is a Fellow of ASAS and the American Association for the Advancement of Science. She served as the scientific voice for national policies and federal regulations related to animal or crop agriculture from the 1990s until her retirement in 2021. Contributions to the Barb Glenn Appreciation Club are used in conjunction with the Louis Boyd, Jack Britt, Harold Hafs, and Robert Zimbelman Appreciation Clubs to support undergraduate or graduate student interns in animal agriculture policy in Washington, D.C.


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