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Jimena A. Ibago

Receiving the Wilson Pond International Travel Scholarship to attend the 75th EAAP Annual Meeting signifies more than just financial assistance; it's an opportunity for me to explore deeper into animal science and environmental sustainability, particularly concerning swine nutrition. This award provides me a platform to learn and share insights, fostering connections and contributing to global discussions on critical issues in the swine industry. I am immensely grateful for the chance to go to the meeting through the scholarship. Jimena A. Ibagon | Ph.D. student in Animal Sciences | University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign | 2025

Vinicius de Souza Izquierdo

"Being the recipient of the 2024 H. Allen Tucker Graduate Travel Scholarship Award is a great honor. It shows that the research developed by our research team is on the right path to generating important data. This scholarship will be essential for participating in the 2024 ASAS Annual Meeting in Calgary, CA. This achievement would not have been possible without the support of the ASAS Foundation H. Allen Tucker Appreciation Club." Vinicius de Souza Izquierdo | Ph.D. Student and Graduate Assistant | Range Cattle Center | University of Florida

Modoluwamu Idowu

"Receiving the Joseph P. Fontenot Travel Scholarship Award is a humbling affirmation of my dedication to academic and research excellence. This notable achievement not only recognizes my past endeavors but also fuels my enthusiasm for contributing to scientific discourse. Attending The 2024 Annual Meeting in Calgary, made possible by this scholarship, presents a remarkable opportunity to share my research findings, engage with peers, and deepen my commitment to advancing knowledge in the field of Animal Science. I am sincerely grateful to the selection committee for their support and recognition.” Modoluwamu Idowu| Ph.D. candidate | Animal and Nutrition Science | West Virginia University

Autumn Pickett

Recipient of the Joseph P. Fontenot Travel Scholarship Award.  Autumn Pickett | Ph.D. Student | Department of Animal Science | Texas A&M University

Foundation initiatives which provide graduate student travel scholarships include:



Calihan Waller

Calihan Waller

"As an aspiring politician and lifetime animal agriculture advocate, being chosen to serve as the 2024 Animal Agriculture Policy intern for the ASAS Foundation in Washington D.C. means the world to me. This opportunity will not only allow me to learn more about the legislative process but also further my understanding of how efforts made in the West in favor of animal agriculture are met on Capitol Hill. I am eager to expand my knowledge while growing as a leader and agriculturalist!"  Calihan Waller | Agriculture Business and Political Science | Montana State University | Anticipated Graduation May 2025

Taylor Hedrick

"As the 2023 ASAS DC Animal Agriculture Interns, I am excited to learn more about the larger agricultural issues and how efforts made in Washington DC affect farmers and ranchers in Kansas. I hope to begin my journey towards positive change in agriculture for my generation and the ones to follow.Taylor Hedrick | Bachelor of Animal Science, anticipated graduation December 2023 | Kansas State University

Foundation initiatives that support animal agriculture interns in Washington, DC include:



Sushil Paudyal

"It is a great honor to be selected as the recipient of the ASAS Armstrong Leadership Award. This recognition further strengthens my commitment to supporting students and fostering their success in the field of animal science." Sushil Paudyal, Ph.D. | Assistant Professor| Department of Animal Science | Texas A&M University

Katelyn Gaffield

It is an honor to be the 2024 recipient of the Tim S. Stahly and Ernest R. Peo, Jr. Memorial and Tribute Award. Receiving an award of this prestige that recognizes my research throughout graduate school is truly meaningful. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity and for all of the support I have received throughout my professional career.” Katelyn N. Gaffield PhD | Kansas State University | Spring 2024

Luiz F. Brito

I am deeply honored to be the recipient of the 2024 Early Career Achievement Award from the ASAS Foundation. This award encourages me to continue pursuing research and innovation with even more vigor, enthusiasm, and commitment to our shared missions and engaging more actively in mentoring and supporting the next generation of animal scientists. 

I share this accomplishment with my exceptional team of students and postdoctoral researchers, a diverse and inspiring group of mentors, past and current colleagues, and many research collaborators who have supported me and greatly contributed to my journey. I look forward to the opportunities and challenges ahead of us with a renewed sense of purpose and dedication to advancing the sustainability of animal production through quantitative genomics and selective breeding.” Luiz F. Brito | Associate Professor | Department of Animal Sciences | Purdue University

Gretchen Hill Appreciation Club 

Congratulations to all participants and the 12 winners of the 2024 Midwest competitions! The Gretchen Hill Appreciation Club recognizes and celebrates excellence through twelve awards to the top three students in each category!

Ayva Bohr

Kristen Kahler

Jacob Henderson

Olivia Harrison

A. Bohr
K. Kahler
J. Henderson
O. Harrison

Iowa State University
1st Place, Undergrad Oral Competition

Kansas State University,
1st Place, Undergrad Poster Competition

Iowa State University,
1st Place, Grad Student Oral Competition - MS

Kansas State University,
1st Place, Grad Student Oral Competition - PhD

Foundation Initiatives to recognize, celebrate and award students' and early-career animal scientists' accomplishments:

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Reinaldo Cooke

"It is a great honor to be selected as the 2024 recipient of the Bouffault International Animal Agriculture Award from the American Society of Animal Science Foundation. This award recognizes my efforts in developing and disseminating management systems to improve production efficiency in US and international beef systems, with a particular emphasis on developing countries. Through these efforts, my goal is to help addressing the increasing worldwide demand for beef while fostering ecological stewardship and proper use of limited natural resources.”  Reinaldo F. Cooke, Ph.D. | Texas A&M University

Stephanie Hansen

As a passionate “mineral nerd” I am honored and to receive the Gary L. Cromwell Award for Mineral Nutrition, a recognition made even more special by its association with the ASAS Foundation’s Gary L. Cromwell Appreciation Club. This award not only celebrates our shared dedication to advancing mineral nutrition but also inspires me to continue pushing the boundaries of our field with passion and curiosity.” Stephanie Hansen, Ph.D. | Professor | Department of Animal Science | Iowa State University


Joel Caton
Caton_Joel_2015 copy

"It is an honor and pleasure to be selected as the lead author for an invited review paper funded through the Michael Galyean Appreciation Club. I am humbled to be selected for this honor and responsibility because I recognize the importance of critical reviews to fostering the science and quality of the Journal of Animal Science. I would also like to thank the donors who support the Michael Galyean Appreciation Club for their generosity and vision to foster quality science through invited review papers." Joel Caton, Ph.D. | Professor | Department of Animal Science | North Dakota State University | ASAS President 2023-2024


Elisabeth Lonergan


Receiving the Corbin Award in Companion Animal Biology is an honor. It underscores my dedication to food science and animal science, and my commitment to undergraduate and graduate student education. My work in pet food processing allows me to introduce students to important contributions in this field. This recognition motivates me to continue fostering curiosity and excellence in companion animal biology. Elisabeth Huff Lonergan, Ph.D. | Professor | Department of Animal Science | Iowa State University


Matthew B. Wheeler

"I am humbled to be receiving the American Society of Animal Science 2024 Animal Physiology and Endocrinology Award. That this award acknowledges my research efforts to evaluate the viability of preimplantation livestock embryos is a tremendous honor. Receiving this recognition from ASAS carries profound significance, as it was at the ASAS Western Section meeting in 1978 where I first presented my initial research findings on using embryo transfer in beef cattle. 

Russ Anthony

“It is truly an honor to be invited to give the Randel Lecture at this years Southern Section of ASAS.  Giving a lecture named after Dr. Randel, and having both Ron and Colleen in attendance, is an experience that I will forever cherish.  Therefore, I want to thank the ASAS Foundation and especially the Ronald D. Randel Appreciation Club for making this possible.” Russell Anthony, Ph.D. | Hill Professor | Colorado State University


Furthermore, being that several of my distinguished mentors have been previous recipients of this prestigious award makes it even more special to me personally. 

Adding further meaning to this award is the fact that it is supported by the James W. Lauderdale Appreciation Club. Knowing that Dr. Lauderdale made many fundamental contributions to understanding the physiology and endocrinology of farm livestock, makes this award especially significant to me.”  Matthew B. Wheeler, Ph.D. | University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.” Matthew B. Wheeler, Ph.D. | Professor | Department of Animal Sciences | University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Daniela Lourenco

"I am incredibly honored to receive the Innovations in Animal Breeding and Genetics Award. This recognition is a testament to the work and dedication of my entire team. It not only underscores the significance of our contributions but also serves as a catalyst for further innovation, motivating us to continue pushing the boundaries of animal breeding and genetics, and ultimately driving positive impact in agriculture and beyond." Daniela Lourenco, Ph.D. | Associate Professor | College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences | University of Georgia

Gerald Lobley

Recipient of the President's International Award, supported by the James Sartin Appreciation Club. Gerald Lobley, Ph.D. | Department of Agronomy | The National University of the South | Argentina

Foundation Initiatives to recognize, celebrate and award ASAS Professional members for their accomplishments:



Foundation Initiatives to enhance and expand excellence in animal science programming by securing distinguished lectures and renowned symposia for sectional, annual, and international meetings.


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