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ASAS Board of Directors


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Dr. Mike D. Tokach
Kansas State University
mtokach at



Dr. Teresa A. Davis
Baylor College of Medicine
tdavis at


Past President

Dr. Glenn C. Duff
New Mexico State University
glennd at


Additional Members of Executive Committee

Caton_Joel_2015 copy

Foundation Trustee Chair / Finance Committee Chair

Dr. William C. Weldon
Weldon Consulting
wcweldon at


Program Chair

Dr. Joel S. Caton
North Dakota State University
joel.caton at


Gunter 2016

Midwest Section Director (2023)/Recording Secretary

Dr. Terry L. Ward
Zinpro Corporation 
tward at


Director-at-Large (2023)

Dr. Stacey A. Gunter
stacey.gunter at

Western Section Director (2022)

Dr. Eric J. Scholljegerdes
New Mexico State University
ejs at

Additional Board Members

Richard Coffey

Director-at-Large (2022)

Dr. Richard D. Coffey
University of Kentucky
rcoffey at


Foote, Andrew

Director-at-Large/Vice-Program Chair (2022)

Dr. Andrew P. Foote
Oklahoma State University
andrew.foote at





Director-at-Large (2022)

Dr. Clare A. Gill
Texas A&M University
clare-gill at




Northeastern Section Director (2022) 

Dr. Kristen E. Govoni
University of Connecticut
kristen.govoni at





Southern Section Director (2022)

Dr. Thomas H. Welsh, Jr
Texas A&M University
twelsh at




Director-at-Large (2023)

Dr. Robert W. Godfrey
University of the Virgin Islands
rgodfre at



Director-at-Large (2024)

Dr. Min Du
Washington State University
min.du at



Director-at-Large (2023)

Dr. Aimee E. Wertz-Lutz
Devenish Animal Nutrition
aimee.lutz at



Director-at-Large (2024)

Dr. Holly L. Neibergs
Washington State University
neibergs at


Director-at-Large (2024)

Dr. M. Ellen Davis
Arm & Hammer Animal and Food Production
Ellen.davis at

National Graduate Director

Jerica_Hall copy

Graduate Director (2022)

Ms. Jerica R. Hall
Texas Tech University
jerica.hall at


Bochantin copy

Graduate Director (2023)

Ms. Kerri A. Bochantin
North Dakota State University
Kerri.bochantin at

ASAS Staff


Chief Executive Officer (ex-officio)

Dr. Meghan C. Wulster-Radcliffe
American Society of Animal Science
meghanwr at

Justin Bartlett

Chief Operations Officer

Mr. Justin E. Bartlett 
American Society of Animal Science
justinb at

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