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ASAS Committees

ASAS has five types of committees or special representative assignments: 1) Board Committees, 2) General Committees/Working Groups, 3) Special Representative appointments to other groups, 4) Awards Committees and 5) Annual Meeting Program Committees. Each type of committee or special representative appointment provides a chance to contribute to the society and to become involved in the society leadership.

Committee assignments are for three years and committee terms are for July to July. Please contact us at throughout the year if you are interested in serving on committees. We try to ensure that anyone interested in serving on a committee has that opportunity.


Board committees, are committees made up of board members. These committees may be defined within the by-laws or be a special board designated committee.

Executive Committee
AR - E.B. Kegley (Chair)
NM - G.C. Duff
NC - T.A. Armstrong
IN - W.C. Weldon
OK - D.L. VanOverbeke
FL -  P.J. Hansen
GA - J.A. Daniel
IL - M.C. Wulster-Radcliffe*
IL - J.E. Bartlett*

Finance Committee
IN - W.C. Weldon (Chair)
AR - E.B. Kegley
NM - G.C. Duff
NE - T.A. Rathje
OK - D.L. VanOverbeke
KY - R.D. Coffey
NC - T.A. Armstrong 


ASAS Membership Committee
WY - K.M. Cammack (Chair)
AR - E.B. Kegley
ND - M.S. Crouse
NM - G.C. Duff
Canada - C. Farmer
CT - K.E. Govoni
IL - R.N. Dilger
TX - T.H. Welsh
TX - R.F. Cooke
NM - E. Melchior


General Committees/Working Groups (2019-2020)

General committees/working groups are generally formed for topics or programming important to the membership. These committees are made up of a combination of general membership and board members. The yearly expectations for these committees are described in the committee assignment documents.

ASAS Publications Committee
FL -  P.J. Hansen (Chair)
AR - E.B. Kegley
TX - C.A. Gill
CT - K.E. Govoni 
GA - J. A. Daniel
IL - R.N. Dilger
CANADA - C.Farmer
ND - K.C. Swanson
IL - M.C. Wulster-Radcliffe*

ASAS Public Policy Committee
TX – T.A. Davis (Chair)
CO – S.L. Archibeque
WY - K.M. Cammack
TX - H.R. Cross
OK - A.P. Foote
AL - D.R. Mulvaney
VA - L.W. Randel
ND - L.P. Reynolds
TX - P.K. Riggs
DC - W. Smith
MI - J.C. Swanson
TX - D.R. Tolleson

ASAS (2018-2019) Nominating Committee

CT - S.Zinn 
NC - T. Armstrong
NE - P. Miller
AR - M. Looper
KY - D. Aaron
GA - C. Brathcher
NE - J. Whittier
CT - K. Govoni

Special Representatives (2018-2019)

Special representatives are usually joint members between the two societies represented and work to keep the two societies updated.

Assn. for Assessment & Accreditation of Lab. Animal Care Int
IL- J. Salak-Johnson

American Association for the Advancement of Science Council
TX - P.K. Riggs

American Feed Industry Association Nutrition Council
KY–G. L. Cromwell

American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists
NE- J. C. Whittier

American Society of Agronomy
WI–E. G. Bergfeld

British Society of Animal Science
C. Reynolds


Council for Agricultural Science and Technology
NM- G. Duff

European Assoc. for Animal Production
AL- J. Sartin

Latin American Association of Animal Production
NE–E. Casas
NV–L. Gomez-Raya

Mexican Association for Animal Science
Mexico–G. Villalobos

Professional Animal Auditor Certification Organization
CT - T. Hogland

Society for Range Management
TX - D.R. Tolleson

World Association of Animal Production
AL- J. L. Sartin

Annual Meeting Program Committees (2018-2019)

ASAS Annual Meeting Program Committees propose symposia, review abstracts, and help fundraise for the meeting.

Overall Programming Committee

NM - G.C. Duff
TX - R.F. Cooke
OK - D.L. VanOverbeke
CANADA - E.M. Ibeagha-Awemu
CANADA - C. Baes
IA - E. Otto Tice
NC - T.A. Armstrong
IL - M.C. Wulster-Radcliffe

Animal Behavior & Well-Being

MI - P.M. Coussens
TX - C.L. Daigle

Animal Health

CANADA - E. M. Ibeagha-Awemu
IA - S. Jalukar
MO - T.J. Wistuba
MN - M. Saqui-Salces

Beef/Cactus Beef Symposium

NM - C.A. Gifford
NM - C.G. Duff
TX - B.P. Holland

Breeding and Genetics

GA - D. Lourenco
TX - C.A. Gill
IA - J.E. Koltes
NE - T.A. Rathje


Companion Animal

MO - K.A. Barry
IL - M.R. Cattai de Godoy
IL - K.S. Swanson
KS - C.G. Aldrich
IL - G.C. Fahey
TN - S.E. Kitts-Morgan
MO - B.M.  Vester Boler
CANADA - L.L. McKnight
CA - K.R. Kerr

Comparative Gut Physiology/Pancosma

AR - J. Zhao
CANADA - E. Khafipour
OK - A.P. Foote
WI - A. Blanchard

Forages and Pastures 

CA - O.J. Gekara
TX - W.B. Smith
AR - E.B. Kegley

Growth and Development

MS - J.R. Blanton
CANADA - A. Cánovas
GA - G.J. Hausman

Horse Species

VA - S.E. Johnson

Meat Science and Muscle Biology

AR - Y. Huang
CANADA - L. Faucitano
WA - M. Du

Nonruminant Nutrition

MS - S.F. Liao
IL - A.R. Hanson
VA - S.W. El-Kadi

Physiology & Endocrinology 

IL - M.C. Wulster-Radcliffe
FL - G.E. Dahl
NM - A.F. Summers

Production, Management & the Environment

CANADA - A.L. Shreck
MO - E.A. Bailey
IN - B.T. Richert


Ruminant Nutrition

CANADA - J.C. Plaizier
WY - S. I. Paisley
FL - M.J. Hersom
TX - R.C. Anderson

Small Ruminant (Sheep & Goat combined)

TX - T.R. Whitney
WY - W.C. Stewart
MT - T.W. Murphy

Swine Species

SD - C.L. Levesque
TX - A. Rakhshandeh
NC - M. Knauer


Teaching/Undergraduate & Graduate Education

NM - C.A. Loest
WA - N.A. Irlbeck
CT - S.A Zinn

ASAS Graduate Student Symposium

TX - B.N. Engle
ND - M.S. Crouse

Award Committees (2018-2019)

Award committees and participation on the committees is defined in the rules associated with an award. We do not post award committees until after we receive all nominations for the year, as the structure of the committee often changes to avoid conflict of interest.

ASAS Fellow Awards

IN - T.A. Armstrong
WV - R.A. Dailey
KY - R.D. Coffey
IA - K.J. Stalder
KY - K.D. Bullock
MI - A.L. Schroeder
NE - H.C. Freetly
CO - G.E. Seidel
TX - T.H. Welsh

AFIA Ruminant Award

GA - J.A. Daniel (Chair)
KS - K.P. Phelps
TX - L.O. Tedeschi
NE - C.R. Krehbiel
IL - J.J. Loor

AFIA Non-Ruminant Award

KY - D.K. Aaron (Chair)
VA - S.A. Johnson
MN - G.C. Shurson
KY - R.D. Coffey
MI - G. M. Hill
Canada - R.T. Zijlstra

Animal Growth and Development Award

OK - D.L. VanOverbeke (Chair)
WA - M. Du
TX - T.A. Davis
FRANCE - J.F. Hocquette
KS - J. DeRouchey

Animal Industry Service Award

IL - R.N. Dilger (Chair)
MO - D. J.  Patterson
IA - C.A. Stahl
NE - C.R. Calkins
IA - D.D. Loy
IA - A. Johnson

Animal Management Award

Canada - C. Farmer (Chair)
OK - S.A Gunter
OK - R.P Wetteman
AR - P.A. Beck
MO - D.J. Patterson

Animal Physiology and Endocrinology Award

NE - T. A. Rathje (Chair)
KY - D.G. Ely
NE - A.S. Cupp
NM - G.C. Duff
KY - K.R. McLeod

Distinguished Teacher Award

ND - M.S. Crouse (Chair)
MO - B.R. Wiegand
MI - G. M. Hill
WI - A.E. Radunz
NC - W.L. Flowers
WI - J.J. Parish

Gary L. Cromwell Award for Minerals Nutrition

WA - K.A. Johnson (Chair)
NY - X.G. Lei
ND - J.S. Caton
WI - T.D. Crenshaw
IL - H.H. Stein

Rockefeller Prentice Breeding and Genetics Award

CT - S.A. Zinn (Chair)
WI - G.J.M. Rosa
NE - A.C. Clutter
MO - J.F. Taylor
Canada - F. Miglior

Meats Research Award

AR - E.B. Kegley (Chair)(
AUSTRALIA - F.R. Dunshea
IA - E.J. Huff-Lonergan
TX - M. F. Miller
WA - M. Du
KY - S.P. Suman

Bouffault International Animal Agriculture Award

IN - W.C. Weldon (Cahir)
ARGENTINA - C.R. Feldkamp
TX - D.R. Tolleson
CANADA - M A. Steele
IN - P.D. Ebner
CA - E. Kebreab

Early Career Achievement Award

IL - R.N. Dilger (Chair)
NC - M.H. Poore
CT - K.E. Govoni
NM - G.C. Duff
TX - R.F. Cooke
CO - D.R. Woerner

Equine Science Award

SD - K.M. Cammack (Chair)
AZ - E.A. Greene
NE - K.P. Anderson
TX - T.H. Welsh
CO - J.E. Bruemmer

Extension Award

CT - K.E. Govoni (Chair)
CA - A.L. Eenennaam
OK - D.L. Lalman
CA - J.W. Oltjen
CO - S.L. Archibeque

Morrison Award

NC - T. A. Armstrong (Chair)
NM - G.C. Duff
IN - D.E. Orr
TX - T.A. Davis
TX - G. Wu

Corbin Companion Animal Award

NC - M.H. Poore (Chair)
NE - C.L. Morris
CT - R.M. Yamka
Canada - A.K. Shoveller

Fontenot Graduate Travel Award

VA - K.O. Smedley (Chair)
AR - K.P. Coffey
TX - J.A. Carroll
ND - K.A. Vonnahme
CT - S. Reed

Pond International Travel Award

MO - T.L. Veum (Chair)
N.Y. - X.G. Lei
TX - J.J. McGlone

Agri-King Outstanding Graduate Student Award

NC - T. A. Armstrong (Chair)
AR - E.B. Kegley
IL - D.F. Jones

Wettemann Graduate Scholar in Physiology Award 

AR - M.L. Looper (Chair)
OK - R.P. Wettemann
NE - C.A. Lents
ID - J.V.  Yelich



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