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ASAS has five types of committees or special representative assignments: 1) Board Committees, 2) General Committees/Working Groups, 3) Special Representative appointments to other groups, 4) Awards Committees and 5) Annual Meeting Program Committees. Each type of committee or special representative appointment provides a chance to contribute to the society and to become involved in the society leadership.

Committee assignments are for three years and committee terms are for July to July. Please contact us at throughout the year if you are interested in serving on committees. We try to ensure that anyone interested in serving on a committee has that opportunity.


Board committees, are committees made up of board members. These committees may be defined within the by-laws or be a special board designated committee.

Executive Committee
CT - S.A. Zinn (Chair)
NE - D.L. Hamernik
AR - E.B. Kegley
VA - S.E. Johnson
IN - T.A. Armstrong
KY - D.K. Aaron
WA - K.A. Johnson
KS - M.D. Tokach
AL - J.L. Sartin
IL - M.C. Wulster-Radcliffe*
IL - J.M. Hemmelgarn*

Finance Committee
VA- K.A. Johnson (Chair)
IN - T.A. Armstrong
CT - S.A. Zinn
SD - J.P. Cassady
NE - D.L. Hamernik
NE - T.A. Rathje

ASAS Membership Committee
NM - G.C. Duff (Chair)
CT- K.E. Govoni
CT– S.A. Zinn
TX– B.N. Engle
NE- T.A. Rathje
KS- K.J. Phelps
NC- M.H. Poore
Canada - C. Farmer

General Committees/Working Groups (2017-2018)

General committees/working groups are generally formed for topics or programming important to the membership. These committees are made up of a combination of general membership and board members. The yearly expectations for these committees are described in the committee assignment documents.

ASAS Communications Committee
IN– W.C. Weldon (Chair)
IL - R.N. Dilger
MN–C.K. Larson
CO- S.L. Archibeque
CT– B.N. Engle
KS - K.J. Phelps
IL - J.M. Hemmelgarn*

ASAS Publications Committee
CT- K.E. Govoni (Chair)
ND- J.S. Caton
FL-  P.J. Hansen
IL - R.N. Dilger
WI- A.E. Radunz
AL- J.L. Sartin
Canada - C. Farmer
CT- S.A. Zinn*
IL- M.C. Wulster-Radcliffe*

Public Policy Committee
TX– P.K. Riggs (Chair)
CO– S.L. Archibeque
GA– M.J. Azain
AR– C.L. Bradley
TX– T.A. Davis
NE– C.R. Krehbiel
FL - P.J. Hansen
IL– T.C. Phillips
CA– W.J. Powers
IA– C.M Welch
IN– K.A. Schoonmaker*

Special Representatives (2017-2018)

Special representatives are usually joint members between the two societies represented and work to keep the two societies updated.

Assn. for Assessment & Accreditation of Lab. Animal Care Int
IL- J. Salak-Johnson

American Association for the Advancement of Science Council
TX - P.K. Riggs

American Feed Industry Association Nutrition Council
KY–G. L. Cromwell

American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists
NE- J. C. Whittier

American Society of Agronomy
WI–E. G. Bergfeld

British Society of Animal Science
C. Reynolds


Council for Agricultural Science and Technology
NM- G. Duff

European Assoc. for Animal Production
AL- J. Sartin

Latin American Association of Animal Production
NE–E. Casas
NV–L. Gomez-Raya

Mexican Association for Animal Science
Mexico–G. Villalobos

Society for Range Management
TX - D.R. Tolleson

World Association of Animal Production
AL- J. L. Sartin

Annual Meeting Program Committees (2017-2018)

ASAS Annual Meeting Program Committees propose symposia, review abstracts, and help fundraise for the meeting.

ASAS is in the process of revamping the program committees and abstract review process. Please return to this page in August for an update.

Overall Programming Committee
AR - E.B. Kegley (Chair)
VA - S.E. Johnson (Vice Chair)
NE - J.C. Whittier
CT - S.A. Zinn
Canada - C. Farmer
FL - P. Moriel
Canada - F. Miglior
IL - M.C. Wulster-Radcliffe

Award Committees (2017-2018)

Award committees and participation on the committees is defined in the rules associated with an award. We do not post award committees until after we receive all nominations for the year, as the structure of the committee often changes to avoid conflict of interest.


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