Undergraduate Recognition Program

Undergraduate Scholastic Achievement Award

During the early part of 1965, the society initiated a program of recognition for undergraduate animal science students by making available several means of recognition. Below are the rules, regulations and nominating procedures for the ASAS Undergraduate Scholastic Achievement award.  Please read them carefully.

Please consider those who will be the future leaders in Animal Science and send in your nominations.

Deadline: April 30, 2024

Nomination procedure: 

The nominating letter must have the following:

  • Certify that your academic award committee has reviewed the nominees and they each meet all of the qualifications (See item V, Student qualifications).
  • Certifying that your principal nominator is a current member of the American Society of Animal Science.
  • Signed (electronically) by the principal nominator and the chairperson of the department.
  • A list of the Student nominees in a word document via e-mail to: melissab@asas.org (please leave out any formatting such as tabs, tables, etc.)
    You must include:
    1. The name of the university, city, and state.
    2. The student’s names in alphabetical order within class (senior, junior, sophomore).  List first name, middle initial, and last name (in that order), in a word document.
    3. Students must be a member of ASAS.  Undergraduate membership can be purchased online.  Certificates will not be provided if the student is not an ASAS member. Students must be a current member when list is received. ASAS will not invoice for students that are not members.

Recognition provided:

  • A fine-quality certificate, printed on diploma parchment, suitable for framing, and signed by the President of ASAS, is provided free of charge to each approved student.
  • Optional boxed pen. They are $15.00 each. Screenshot 2023-03-27 at 2.41.49 PM

Student qualifications:

  • Students must be enrolled in a four-year curriculum of animal science (dairy, food, meat, or poultry) for a period of at least two semesters or three quarters to be eligible for nominations.
  • Students must rank scholastically among the top 10% of senior, junior, or sophomore classes.
  • Students must be of good moral character and intend to pursue a career in animal science.
  • More than one student may be nominated if they rank scholastically in the top 10%, but nominations should be limited to truly outstanding individuals.
  • Department eligibility: Departments offering animal science courses (dairy, food, meat, and/or poultry) consistent with the purpose of the society and leading to a bachelor of science degree.


Melissa Burnett, melissab@asas.org 

Phone: (217) 356-9050

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