Award Winner Detail

Award: Ruminant Nutrition Research Award
Year: 2011
Section Awarded: National

Arthur L. Goetsch, Ruminant Nutrition Research Award

Sponsored by American Feed Industry Association

Art Goetsch received a PhD from New Mexico State University in 1982. After postdoctoral work at Oklahoma State University, he served on the University of Arkansas faculty from 1984-1995. From 1995-1997, he was a research animal scientist with USDA-ARS, moving in 1998 to his present position of research leader at the American Institute for Goat Research of Langston University.

Goetsch has published approximately 225 peer-reviewed papers and numerous book chapters and proceedings papers. His research has addressed intake, digestion, metabolism, and performance by ruminants consuming forage-based diets, with a current focus on factors affecting nutrient requirements and efficiency of utilization by goats in various production settings.

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