Award Winner Detail

Award: ASAS Young Scholar Award
Univeristy: University of Georgia
Year: 2022
Section Awarded: National

Matias Bermann, ASAS Young Scholar Award


Matias Bermann is an unusually gifted recent PhD. graduate. He obtained a B.S. degree in Agricultural Engineering from the University of Buenos Aires. He then enrolled in the Ph.D. program at the University of Georgia and fulfilled all requirements for the degree in 2.5 years. His knowledge of mathematics and statistics is extraordinary. While a graduate student, he gave many guest classes on complicated topics at a faculty level. He was the first author of 5 peer-reviewed papers and helped his fellow students and other scientists to finish 5 other papers. He currently has 2 manuscripts under review and 9 close to submission. His academic contributions have already been applied by the industry, including American Angus Association and Zoetis, and by numerous scientists using the BLUPF90 software suite. Lately, he developed a theory and wrote a computer program to rapidly calculate an accurate approximation of reliabilities of genomic breeding values for up to 4 million genotyped animals.

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