Award Winner Detail

Award: Bouffault International Animal Agriculture Award
Univeristy: Iowa State University
Year: 2021
Section Awarded: National

Jack C. Dekkers, Bouffault International Animal Agriculture Award

Sponsored by: Center for Regulatory Services, Inc.


During his career, and especially over the past ten years, Dr. Jack Dekkers has led teaching, research, and extension activities in animal breeding and genetics that have directly influenced research, education, and implementation of breeding programs in developing and under-developed countries. His practical outlook on the design, analysis, and implementation of animal breeding programs, including genomics, guide the implementation of animal breeding programs in such countries, with positive long-term impacts. His ongoing work on developing methods to improve resistance of local African poultry to Newcastle Disease will have long-term benefits, both on small-holder farmers and on the research capabilities in these countries. Based on these achievements and contributions, Dr. Dekkers is a very worthy recipient of the Bouffault International Animal Agriculture Award.

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