Award Winner Detail

Award: Nonruminant Nutrition Research Award
Year: 2012
Section Awarded: National

Cornelis (Kees) de Lange, Nonruminant Nutrition Research Award

Sponsored by American Feed Industry Association

Dr. de Lange is Professor of Swine Nutrition and Director of Animal Production Systems Research at the University of Guelph. His research is largely focused on the biology and mathematical representation of nutrient utilization in grow-finish pigs, and the use of liquid co-products as pig feed ingredients. He is involved in collaborative research on dietary means to reduce the negative impact of pig production on the environment, and feeding strategies to enhance gut health and development in young pigs. He has co-authored more than 120 peer reviewed chapters and publications, supervised more than 30 graduate students, presented more than 115 papers at major conferences, and served on numerous editorial boards.

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