Award Winner Detail

Award: Gary L. Cromwell Award for Minerals Nutrition
Univeristy: Iowa State University
Year: 2021
Section Awarded: National

John F. Patience, Gary L. Cromwell Award for Minerals Nutrition

Sponsored by: Gary L. Cromwell Appreciation Club

Dr. John Patience is a Professor of Animal Science at Iowa State University. His research on mineral nutrition has included detailed investigations on the growth, metabolic and physiological implications of dietary electrolyte balance and the growth, metabolic and health implications of mineral contaminants in drinking water. Most recently, he has sought greater clarity in our understanding of the complex interaction between phosphorus, phytase and calcium. He has published 161 refereed papers, 22 books/chapters and almost 800 other miscellaneous publications. He has presented more than 400 invited talks, recruited more than $52 million in funding and supervised or co-supervised 28 graduate students. Indeed, the training of graduate students for careers in animal science is one of his passions. Dr. Patience has served ASAS on various committees and the MW Section as President. He was a Section/Associate Editor of the Journal of Animal Science for 5 years and was also a member of the Editorial Board for 11 years.

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