Award Winner Detail

Award: Animal Physiology and Endocrinology Award
Univeristy: North Dakota State University
Year: 2011
Section Awarded: National

Dale Redmer, Animal Physiology and Endocrinology Award

Sponsored by American Society of Animal Science Foundation

Dale Redmer grew up in Pennsylvania. He graduated from the University of Wyoming and earned advanced degrees from the University of Missouri.

After pre- and postdoctoral work at the US Meat Animal Research Center and the University of Alabama, he joined the faculty at NDSU in 1985. He was promoted to professor in 1994 and has done much research in the area of reproduction and angiogenesis.

Redmer has more than $3 million in grants from agencies including USDA and NIH. He has 186 refereed articles and nearly 300 research abstracts. He has mentored 25 graduate students and 7 postdoctoral fellows.

Dale has been on two sabbatical experiences at Cambridge University and the Rowett Institute. Dale is married to Laquita and has two children, Corrie and Cody.

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