Award Winner Detail

Award: ASAS Fellow: Administration Category
Univeristy: University of Wisconsin-Madison
Year: 2020
Section Awarded: National

Daniel Schaefer, ASAS Fellow: Administration Category

Sponsored by: American Society of Animal Science

Schaefer_ ASAS Fellow Award Administration

Dr. Daniel M. Schaefer is an exemplary animal scientist who made significant accomplishments in teaching, research, and outreach in his 40-year career, 20 of which were devoted to administration. He joined the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1981 after 2 years at Purdue University and retired in December 2019. He served as Chair, Dept. of Animal Sciences; Interim Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs; and Director, Meat Sci. and Animal Biologics Discovery Program. One of his long-lasting accomplishments is the new $57 million Meat Science and Animal Biologics Discovery Building. Dr. Schaefer has been recognized with awards for his research, teaching, and undergraduate advising; and several Wisconsin livestock associations and the Midwest Poultry Consortium have recognized Dr. Schaefer for his contributions to their industries. Dr. Schaefer received the Land Grant Faculty Award for Excellence in 2009 for his outstanding efforts that exemplify the land grant mission. Dr. Schaefer and his wife, Gail, have 2 children, a daughter-in-law, and 2 grandchildren.


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