Award Winner Detail

Award: Animal Industry Service Award
Univeristy: University of Wisconsin
Year: 2010
Section Awarded: National

David L. Thomas, Animal Industry Service Award

Sponsored by Pfizer Animal Health

Dave L. Thomas earned a BS degree at the University of Wisconsin and graduate degrees from Oklahoma State University.

Thomas has served the sheep industry during a 33-year research, teaching, and extension career at Oregon State University, the University of Illinois, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His research contributions include establishing the mode of inheritance of spider syndrome, comparing hair and prolific wool breeds, and establishing a research program in dairy sheep production.

Thomas has worked closely with the American Sheep Industry Association, National Sheep Improvement Program, and Dairy Sheep Association of North America. He has participated in international projects in Kenya, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, and Armenia. He has over 500 career publications.

Thomas and his wife, Lynda, have three children and five grandchildren.

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