Award Winner Detail

Award: Animal Industry Service Award
Univeristy: University of Kentucky
Year: 2013
Section Awarded: National

Donald G. Ely, Animal Industry Service Award

Sponsored by Zoetis

Dr. Donald G. Ely, is one of the premier sheep nutritionists in the United States. A native of Oklahoma, he received his BS and MS degrees at Oklahoma State and his PhD at the University of Kentucky in 1966. Dr. Ely has contributed to the animal industry through teaching, extension, and research. During his 44 years at UK, he has taught over 3,600 students in introductory animal sciences courses and sheep production. His annual EweProfit, Lambing, and Shearing Schools draw large numbers of producers from across the country. His research program centers around the sheep producer. He has trained numerous graduate students and many have gone on to brilliant careers. The sheep industry is a small one, relative to other livestock industries, but it needs its heroes just as much, if not more. Don Ely is definitely a hero within the sheep industry.

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