Award Winner Detail

Award: Equine Science Award
Univeristy: Rutgers University
Year: 2015
Section Awarded: National

Carey Williams, Equine Science Award

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Carey Williams, Ph.D. began her tenure-track position at Rutgers University as an Assistant Extension Specialist in Equine Management with the goal of establishing a strong program in equine nutrition and exercise physiology, while maintaining industry partnerships via her Extension appointment. It is clear that she has done this, and much more. In the past 11 years, Dr. Williams has been successful in garnering almost $1 million in external support. Her research focus areas are: 1) antioxidant supplementation for equine athletes and whether supplements decrease stress and inflammation resulting from exercise and 2) equine grazing systems and their impact on health, economics, and the environment. Her Extension programs have focused on pasture management and best management practices leading to healthier animals, and a more sustainable environment.

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