Award Winner Detail

Award: Animal Industry Service Award
Univeristy: University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Year: 2014
Section Awarded: National

Chris R. Calkins, Animal Industry Service Award

Sponsored by Zoetis

Dr. Chris R. Calkins, Professor of Animal Science at the University of Nebraska, has earned a national and international research reputation for the originality, creativity and practical application of his work. Calkins exemplifies the ideal scientist who takes a sound scholarly approach to understanding basic meat science and muscle biochemistry; maintains an awareness of industry concerns, issues and needs; and has the enthusiasm and motivation to see his science change how things are done. The American Meat Science Association has suggested that his research could be considered the most industry-accepted work performed by any member of their organization during the past 25 years. Dr. Calkins is a scientist who generates original ideas to address real opportunities. His novel approach to addressing these issues allows problems to be solved in a totally new manner. Solving real world problems has been the hallmark of Dr. Calkins’ service to the Animal Industries.

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