Award Winner Detail

Award: Animal Industry Service Award
Univeristy: Iowa State University
Year: 2016
Section Awarded: National

Dan D. Loy, Animal Industry Service Award

Sponsored by Zoetis

Dr. Loy is Professor and Extension Beef Specialist at Iowa State University. Thousands of beef producers have benefited from his advice and research-based information over his 30+ year career. He helped introduce the microcomputer to daily decision-making, resulting in better cost and performance benchmarking and improved efficiency for feedlots. He was part of the team that developed the Beef Ration and Nutrition Decisions Software (BRANDS) nutrition program to better apply complex nutritional models in practical diet formulation. He led a multi-faceted applied research and education approach to the increased acceptance of co-products of the ethanol industry. He currently leads the extension effort of a multi-state project on feed efficiency in beef cattle. As director of the Iowa Beef Center he leads a team that serves as an information resource for the beef industry. His commitment to extension, teaching, and applied research has helped producers leverage technology to improve the efficiency of beef production.

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