Award Winner Detail

Award: ASAS Fellow: Research Category
Univeristy: Texas A&M University
Year: 2014
Section Awarded: National

Jeffrey W. Savell, ASAS Fellow: Research Category

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Jeffrey W. Savell’s research contributions have been notable. His work on enhancing the quality and tenderness of beef through electrical stimulation paved the way for this process to be used commercially. His consumer research led to increased demand for leaner beef, the USDA grade change from “U.S. Good” to “U.S. Select, and updating the nutrient composition data for beef. He has led or assisted in leading the National Beef Quality Audits and the National Beef Tenderness Surveys, which have provided key benchmarks for the beef industry to make fundamental changes in how beef is marketed.

Dr. Savell has received the Meat Research Award, American Society of Animal Science and the Distinguished Research Award, American Meat Science Association. Lifetime achievements and contributions to the field of meat science include the E. Floyd Forbes Award; the Signal Service Award and AMSA Fellow; and induction into the Meat Industry Hall of Fame.

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