Award Winner Detail

Award: ASAS Fellow: Administration Category
Univeristy: Washington State University
Year: 2014
Section Awarded: National

Margaret E. Benson, ASAS Fellow: Administration Category

Sponsored by American Society of Animal Science

Dr. Margaret E. Benson, Professor and Chair, Washington State University has made significant contributions to animal agriculture through outstanding administrative leadership within ASAS and in her home institutions. She facilitates other’s success by removing barriers, finding resources, and providing opportunities. As Chair of Animal Sciences at WSU, Dr. Benson’s leadership and faculty and staff accomplishments have established a high bar for excellence and productivity which is recognized and valued. While President of ASAS (2010), a comprehensive strategic plan was implemented that significantly increased membership and innovative programming including ASAS’s Grand Challenges 2012 and the Innovate conference series. Dr. Benson is dedicated to the livestock industries, committed to both fundamental and applied research and desires to produce career-ready graduates all of which help frame her administrative philosophy as she unselfishly creates opportunities for others to succeed.

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