Award Winner Detail

Award: ASAS Fellow: Teaching Category
Univeristy: University of Minnesota
Year: 2014
Section Awarded: National

Marshall D. Stern, ASAS Fellow: Teaching Category

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Marshall D. Stern, University of Minnesota, has been described as an awesome teacher, mentor and innovator who is well known for his extensive use of technology and media in the classroom to enhance active student learning. He teaches courses in Companion Animal Nutrition, Companion Animal Hot Button Issues, Principles of Animal Nutrition and Ruminant Nutrition. He currently advises 46 undergraduates; advised 22 undergraduate senior research theses, 13 Ph.D. and 18 M.S. theses to completion. Dr. Stern is also responsible for developing a Companion Animal Biology curriculum. Marshall has received many teaching awards including: 2010 ASAS Distinguished Teacher Award, 2006 University of Minnesota Morse Alumni Association Award; 2006 ASAS Jim Corbin Award in Companion Animal Biology; and the ADSA 2006 Land O’Lakes Dairy Production Teaching Award among others. Dr. Stern’s incredible commitment to teaching, advising and curriculum development has contributed significantly to Animal Science.

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