Award Winner Detail

Award: Gary L. Cromwell Award for Minerals Nutrition
Univeristy: University of Kentucky
Year: 2014
Section Awarded: National

Merlin D. Lindemann, Gary L. Cromwell Award for Minerals Nutrition

Sponsored by the Gary L. Cromwell Appreciation Club

Dr. Merlin D. Lindemann received his BS and PhD degrees at the University of Minnesota. He led the swine research program at Virginia Tech’s Tidewater Station for 13 years before joining the Animal Sciences faculty at the University of Kentucky. Dr. Lindemann has a distinguished career. His research in minerals has involved determining the nutrient needs of pigs, defining the bioavailabilities of minerals from various sources, and determining the impact of mineral usage on waste application. His work has involved multi-state and international projects. He has examined the impact of fiber, water source, enzymes, and antibiotics on mineral availability. His notable work with Cr resulted in its clearance for use in feeds. He is active in the Society and other professional organizations. He served as an Associate Editor for the Journal. Dr. Lindemann’s scholarly achievements in research and his dedicated service to the animal and feed industries make him a worthy recipient of this award.

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