Award Winner Detail

Award: American Feed Industry Association Award in Nonruminant Nutrition Research
Univeristy: The Hanor Company
Year: 2016
Section Awarded: National

R. Dean Boyd, American Feed Industry Association Award in Nonruminant Nutrition Research

Sponsored by American Feed Industry Association

Dr. Boyd is the Technical Director for The Hanor Company and Triumph Foods Group, and is an adjunct professor in animal nutrition at North Carolina State and Iowa State Universities. Dr. Boyd's research has led to a better understanding of energy and amino acid nutrition, ingredient mitigation of disease stress on growth, and the profound life-time effects of low weaning age. His team proved that seasonal infertility can be alleviated by specific amounts of essential fatty acids and his growth assay for calibrating ingredient net energy facilitated wide adoption of the net energy system in pigs. He has published 338 scientific papers in scholarly journals, book chapters, conference papers, and abstracts during his 35 years in academia and the private sector. He earned over $6 million in support of research over the last 10 years. Dr. Boyd earned his B.S. from Colorado State University and his Ph.D. in Animal Nutrition from the University of Nebraska. He began his career in the Department of Animal Science and Division of Nutrition at Cornell University in 1979, where he remained until 1993. He joined the Pig Improvement Company, becoming the first nutritionist hired and joined The Hanor Company in 2002. He is a member of the Gates Foundation advisory team on applying animal science knowledge to improve global maternal-infant health.

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