Award Winner Detail

Award: ASAS Fellow: Administration Category
Univeristy: University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Year: 2014
Section Awarded: National

Ronnie D. Green, ASAS Fellow: Administration Category

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Ronnie Green received his BS and MS degrees from Virginia Tech and Colorado State University, respectively. His PhD was completed jointly at the University of Nebraska (NU) and US Meat Animal Research Center. Ronnie served on animal science faculties at Texas Tech and Colorado State. He served as national program leader for animal production research for USDA’s ARS and as executive secretary of the White House’s interagency working group on animal genomics within the National Science and Technology Council. Prior to joining NU in 2010 as Vice President of NU and Harlan Vice Chancellor of the Institute of Ag and Natural Resources, Green served as senior director of Pfizer Animal Health. He is past-president of ASAS and served on its Executive Committee and Board. He has served in leadership positions for a number of national organizations and in 2013, was appointed a member of the National Research Council Review Team of USDA-AFRI by the National Academy of Sciences.

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