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Award: ASAS Distinguished Support of Animal Science Award
Year: 2014
Section Awarded: National

William A. Olson, ASAS Distinguished Support of Animal Science Award

Sponsored by American Society of animal Science Board of Directors'

Bill Olson is an animal scientist, being his vocation for over 60 years. Having been a member of the ASAS for 55 years, he sees the value of the society in achieving our industries goals: solving regulatory issues, educating high quality students, and in representing the interests of animal scientists in federal policy development. He has organized over 20 annual meetings with FDA and other agencies to assure the common understanding of our society needs, and supports the ASAS Washington DC office to ensure the voices of animal scientists are considered in crafting legislation. Bill is an active supporter of the ASAS Foundation and the ASAS Finance Committee, assuring the continued financial health of the society. He was an early adopter of the ASAS Appreciation Clubs, starting several. You will likely not find Bill at the podium; he is one of the heavy-lifters in the back of the room. His day job is dispensing regulatory advice to firms that have products that impact the food chain.

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