Award Winner Detail

Award: ASAS Fellow: Teaching Category
Univeristy: University of Georgia
Year: 2021
Section Awarded: National

Michael J. Azain, ASAS Fellow: Teaching Category

Sponsored by: American Society of Animal Science

Dr. Michael J. Azain has had an exceptionally effective research career and has trained numerous university professors and industrial scientists who are considered experts themselves. Dr. Azain has been a faculty member in the Department of Animal and Dairy Science at the University of Georgia for 32 years. He trained more than 50 total graduate students and taught Animal Nutrition and Metabolism to thousands of students as part of more than 20 courses he taught throughout his career. Furthermore, Dr. Azain was instrumental in developing Study Abroad programs in Animal and Dairy Science at UGA. Mike has served ASAS at several levels diligently throughout his career, including his most recent service on the Public Policy Committee. He has been recognized by UGA several times for his teaching expertise with teaching Fellow Awards, as he has integrated his industry experience and insight with basic metabolism that equipped his students to be future leaders in the animal industry.

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