Award Winner Detail

Award: ASAS Fellow: Research Category
Univeristy: North Carolina State University
Year: 2021
Section Awarded: National

Jack Odle, ASAS Fellow: Research Category

Sponsored by: American Society of Animal Science

Dr. Jack Odle, WNR Distinguished Professor of Animal Science at North Carolina State University, received a BS from Purdue and MS and PhD from University of Wisconsin-Madison. His career has focused on reducing morbidity of piglets by advancing molecular knowledge of lipid metabolism and fundamental determinants of intestinal health. He has trained a generation of scientists who connect fundamental biology to real-world application. He received the ILSI Future Leader Award, awards from ASAS include Young Investigator, Non-ruminant Nutrition, Animal Growth & Development, New Frontiers in Animal Nutrition, and a Distinguished Alumnus Award from Purdue. He served on editorial boards of Journal of Animal Science and Annual Reviews of Animal Biosciences, as Associate Editor for Journal of Nutrition and Advances in Nutrition and is Editor-in-Chief of Current Developments in Nutrition. He served as a founding member of the National Animal Nutrition Program and on the 2012 Swine NRC.

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