Award Winner Detail

Award: ASAS Fellow: Research Category
Univeristy: North Carolina State University
Year: 2013
Section Awarded: National

Gerald Huntington, ASAS Fellow: Research Category

<p>Sponsored by American Society of Animal Science</p><p>Dr. Gerald Huntington was born and raised in western South Dakota. He received his B.S. degree in foreign languages and M.S. degree in Animal Science from South Dakota State University, and his Ph.D. in Ruminant Nutrition from the University of Nebraska. After 14 years as a research scientist for the USDA and 5 years as an independent consultant, Dr. Huntington joined the faculty at North Carolina State University in 1997. He has demonstrated the capacity to orient research to solve present and future problems. His peers recognize him as a world leader in in vivo measurements of nutrient flux in terms of methods used and principles demonstrated. A key characteristic of his research plans, progress, and reports is the transfer of basic information to be applied at the production level, to explain metabolic responses and improve the biological efficiency of production systems. He received the AFIA Nutrition Award from ASAS. He has published 98 refereed journal articles. </p>

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